Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Denim Purse

In the last two weeks I have been sewing things for myself. One of my newest projects is a denim purse. I have made denim purses before. One of my favorites was a bag I made by combining denim and some quilting pieces. My red ink pen leaked through and ruined it.

So last week I made a new one. I like the idea of recycling denim jeans into purses, but it does present some challenges. The seams get bulky and my sewing machine doesn't like them. Despite the disagreements between my machine and the denim, it turned out nice. I added a pretty pink cotton lining and a a metal button cover for decorations.

The denim bag adds some variety to my collection of quilted handbags and purses. The quilted bags are colorful and bright, but sometimes they don't go with everything you're wearing. The advantage for denim is it seems to go with everything.

Take a look at some of my denim and quilted bags on my etsy shop.  Bel Aire Village


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