Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School

Well school has started. Sewing projects will be primarily limited to weekends now. I have now transitioned from full time sewer back to full time Algebra teacher and I've added Geometry to the list this year. That's ok though because I do believe my understanding of math and spatial relationships is what helps me do a better job with my sewing projects.

This weekend I made a diaper bag and binky holder. Turned out very cute. I used a pattern I found in an old book I picked up at a local estate sale. I made just a few changes because I can't seem to follow a pattern exactly. I always have to put my own little spin on it.

I used three different coordinating fabrics for the outside of the bag and a fourth fabric for the lining. The lining is the same measurement as the finished outside of the bag. (19" x 36"). The straps are 27" x 4" folded onto 2" heavyweight fusible interfacing. I also added fusible interfacing to the lining and the outside of the bag.

Then there was the "binky bag". It can be very deceiving to look at a large bag and a small one. You would think the small one would be much easier to make than the large. Not true. The small one was difficult. I will not be making anymore small items.

Here is the bag. My daughter-in-law picked out the fabrics. She has wonderful taste.


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