Monday, August 1, 2011

Sewing is Good for your Heart

Sewing is Good for Your Heart

I have to sew. I make a little bit of everything but one of my new favorites is my handmade quilted handbags. I always knew sewing was good for me; but recently I read an article that actually explained it.

There was a research study done on the subject by a New York University psychologist. He took 30 women and measured their blood pressure, heart rate, perspiration rate, and skin temperature after they had participated in five different activities requiring similar eye-hand movements:  sewing, card games, video games, painting, and reading. Sewing proved to be the most relaxing. The results showed improved readings in heart rate, blood pressure and perspiration.

A Harvard University doctor says that repetitive and rhythmic activities such as those in sewing evoke what he calls the relaxation response – a calming reaction proven to enhance health.

I won’t give up my heart healthy exercise and diet plan but I will definitely include time in my schedule for relaxing in my sewing room, especially after a stressful day in the classroom.

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